We Do Business Sustainability

Energy Management

Stop wasting money and prepare your business for rising energy costs.
Our energy experts will quickly assess your operations and recommend cost-cutting and resilient building measures.

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Water and Waste

Every drop of water used leads to water, energy and waste treatment costs somewhere in the supply chain. And as for waste – in our view the word is passé – it’s either an avoidable cost or a missed revenue opportunity.

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Supply Chain Risk

Up to 60% of a manufacturing company’s carbon footprint is in its supply chain. For retailers, it’s closer to 80%. If you are a supplier, your customer is either asking, or about to ask, for your carbon footprint and sustainability plan.

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Planning & Reporting

Sustainability must be business-case driven – supported by a stronger bottom line and brand value. From planning to CSR reporting, we have the experience to jump in and realize the business-case.

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A TSX listed, Idaho mining operation that’s poised for growth.

We’re guiding the company through the Canadian Mining Association’s Towards Sustainable Mining framework as they prepare for growth.

A meat packing plant based in Southwestern Ontario with global markets.

We’re collaborating with senior management to design and implement air, water, waste and carbon reductions. We’re also piloting clean technology options for dramatic cost and eco-footprint savings.

A compliance auditor with offices in New York, Toronto, Beijing, London and Dubai.

While working with the CEO and management to develop and report on their CSR strategy we also caused the launch of a new line of business!

A renewable energy and regulated utility company with assets across North America: hydroelectric, wind, thermal, solar power facilities, and utility distribution businesses (water, electricity and natural gas) in two operating subsidiaries: Algonquin Power Company and Liberty Utilities.